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Standardized 8-Step Forms

Grandmaster Wei believed that each student must have a unique understanding of each form, based on the student's body type, mentality, and personal style. He taught each student differently, although the fundamentals of his teachings remained consistent. Over many years and with the help of a number of Grandmaster Wei's students, Mr. Zuo Xian Fu led the effort to standardize Grandmaster Wei's teachings to reflect the diverse knowledge Grandmaster Wei passed on to all of his students. Messrs. Vincent Chen, Wang Chiu Xiong, and John Chang assisted Mr. Zuo in this effort by editing and reviewing the standard forms for Mr. Zuo.

Here you will find the official Chinese standardized forms along with an English translation. The standardization effort is still on-going, so some forms are not yet included here.

7 Palm
Li Pi
Big Cartwheel
Little Cartwheel
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