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8-Step People Today

Note: If you have any pictures of Grandmaster Wei or his students and would like to see your photos posted here, please e-mail us at admin @ 8-step.com with the person's name and a list of other students of Grandmaster Wei who knew the person, so we may verify with other students that the person was in fact a student of Grandmaster Wei's. We can't post every picture submitted to us, but are happy to make sure every student of Grandmaster Wei has a photograph posted on this web site. Also, if you recognize any of the unidentified people in the photos here, please drop us an e-mail to let us know more about the person you recognize.

Mr. Wang Chieh passes the tradition on to Mr. Mike Martello

Grandmaster Wei's tomb before the annual tomb sweeping in April, 2007

Mr. Zuo's 8-Step students working hard to clean vegetation off Grandmaster Wei's tomb

Mr. Wang (yellow shirt), Mr. Zuo (white shirt) and Mr. Zuo's students paying their respects to Grandmaster Wei's tomb in April, 2007

Mr. Chen paying his respects to Grandmaster Wei's tomb in April, 2007

Grandmaster Wei's tombstone (courtesy of an 8-Step student on his visit to the tomb in 1988)

8-Step students from Grandmaster Wei's lineage pay their respects in 1988
(left to right: Kin, Ming, Jamie, Mr. Zuo, Mr. Shyun; picture taken by Robert Byer)
(courtesy of an 8-Step student on his visit to the tomb in 1988)

Mr. Wang Chiu Xiong (October 4, 1939 to March 28, 2006) was a highly regarded member of the 8-Step community. Other students of Grandmaster Wei often comment on how Mr. Wang's 8-Step forms most resemble the movements of Grandmaster Wei's forms. With Mr. Wang, much knowledge about 8-Step history and Grandmaster Wei's teachings have been lost and will be sorely missed. Mr. Wang was a pharmacist and chiropractor by trade.

Some of Grandmaster Wei's students today
Some of Grandmaster Wei's students meet in 2004 at Mr. Wang's home to standardize the 8-Step forms based on their memories of Grandmaster Wei's teachings and their on-going practice.
Left to right: Messrs. John Chang, Vincent Chen, Wang Chiu Xiong, Zuo Xian Fu, and Yu Li Chang

Some of Grandmaster Wei's students today
Left to right: Messrs. Yu Li Chang, John Chang, Vincent Chen, Liu, and Liu get together at Mr. Zuo's school in 2003

Left to right: Mr. Liu Min Der, Mrs. Chienli Lo, and Mr. Ernie Wu get together in 2007

Left to right: Mr. Ernie Wu and Mr. John Chang practice 7 Palm 2-man set together at Mr. Chang's house in 2005

Mr. John Chang finds solitude for his meditation in the picturesque hills of Northern California

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