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Grandmaster Wei

Note: If you have any pictures of Grandmaster Wei or his students and would like to see your photos posted here, please e-mail us at admin @ 8-step.com with the person's name and a list of other students of Grandmaster Wei who knew the person, so we may verify with other students that the person was in fact a student of Grandmaster Wei's. We can't post every picture submitted to us, but are happy to make sure every student of Grandmaster Wei has a photograph posted on this web site. Also, if you recognize any of the unidentified people in the photos here, please drop us an e-mail to let us know more about the person you recognize.

Celebrating His Birthday

Grandmaster Wei celebrating his birthday surrounded by some of his students

On Vacation

Grandmaster Wei rests for a photo with a number of his students while on vacation

Grandmaster Wei visiting a landmark with some of his students

Several of Grandmaster Wei's students showing their stances while on vacation with him

Attending Students' Engagement Banquet

Grandmaster Wei attending the engagement banquet for the future Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Wu in 1973.

Teaching His Students

Grandmaster Wei demonstrates a technique on Mr. Wang Chieh

Grandmaster Wei surrounded by some of his students
(left to right standing: Messrs. Yu Pen, Jeng, Tan, ID pending, ID pending, Zuo Xian Fu, Yu Li Chang's older brother, ID pending)
(left to right kneeling: Messrs. John Chang, Yu Li Chang)

Class photo including many of Grandmaster Wei's students, taken in 1975 on Grandmaster Wei's birthday

Grandmaster Wei's students practicing the one leg stance during one of Grandmaster Wei's classes, including Mr. John Chang (second from left) and Mr. Hidenobu (Kazumasa) Yokoyama (back right)

Demonstrating the 8 Stances

Grandmaster Wei demonstrating the bow stanceGrandmaster Wei demonstrating the  falling stanceGrandmaster Wei demonstrating the  horse stanceGrandmaster Wei demonstrating the  mantis stanceGrandmaster Wei demonstrating the  resting stanceGrandmaster Wei demonstrating the  single leg stanceGrandmaster Wei demonstrating the  tiger head stanceGrandmaster Wei demonstrating the  tiger set stance
Grandmaster Wei demonstrating the 8 stances of 8-Step Praying Mantis (bow, falling, horse, mantis, twisted, resting, one leg, tiger head, tiger set)

Demonstrating Wu Tai Chi

Exclusive, never-before-published photos of Grandmaster Wei demonstrating Wu Tai Chi, with special thanks to Mr. Liu for providing these photos. Grandmaster Wei learned Tai Chi from Grandmaster Wu in Shanghai.

Taking Time Off from Kung Fu

Grandmaster Wei at his 70th birthday party with students Mr. Vincent Chen (left) and Mr. Liu (right)

Grandmaster Wei while on a trip through the mountainous interior of Taiwan (photos by Mr. Liu, courtesy of Mr. Wu)


A praying mantis found on Grandmaster Wei's tomb in 2005 as Mr. Zuo cleaned the grass off the tomb

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